Traditional Karate-Do: Ultimate personal growth

Our mission at USA Karate Academy is to provide quality,  consistent, and relevant instruction in traditional martial arts, that is affordable for the whole family.  We strive to be a driving force in the community by providing a vehicle by which students may develop positive life-skills enhancing confidence, physical fitness, respect for oneself and others.  

Established in 1994, USA Karate Academy has instructed hundreds of students in the Sno-King, Greater Seattle Area.

Our students acquire many essential benefits such as: 

  • Self Defense

  • Self Confidence

  • Self Control

  • Stress Relief

  • Physical Fitness

  • Goal Setting

  • Bully-proof tactics

Our Team

Where the Passion Begins


Shihan Joni Sharrah


Shihan Joni Sharrah is founder and chief instructor of USA Karate. She is recognized by Itosu-Ryu Karate-do International Federation as a 6th Degree Black Belt and 8th Degree in Danny Lane’s World Martial Arts Federation.  In addition, Mrs. Sharrah is a certified National Official and certified Technical Coach by the AAU Karate National Program.

She is a former 3 time National AAU Karate Fighting Champion, and former National AAU Travel Team Member.  Mrs. Sharrah has been recognized in the Action Martial Hall of Fame by her peers for outstanding service, and the Eastern International Martial Arts Hall of Fame for International success as a many time International Gold Medalist in over a dozen Goodwill, World Cup, and World Championships. Since 1996, she has been the Pacific NW AAU Karate District director, and continues to be a resource for aspiring regional karate players.  


Coach Alan Sharrah


Alan Sharrah began training in Judo at the age of 9. The highlight of his Judo training was being selected to compete at the USA Judo Federation team trials for the United States Olympic Team. Coach Alan is a certified coach by the Amateur Athletic Union and certified by ASEP.  In 2006, Sensei Alan Sharrah completed and received all the necessary requirements to earn an International Budo Martial Arts Instructor’s License.

Sensei Dane Pray


Sensei Dane wears many hats here at USA Karate Academy, and is an integral part of our team. Dane specializes in the self-defense aspects of karate. He is a gracious and respectful teacher and is a wonderful contributor to our team.