Franco Cup-Congrats USA Karate Academy Team!

The USA Karate Academy Traveling Team had a fantastic showing at the Franco Cup this past weekend! Out of our 18 amazing athletes we ended up winning 13 gold medals, 14 silver and 8 bronze for a grand total of 35 clinking medals around our smiling students’ faces. We could not be prouder of all of you for your positive attitude during loss and during victory, as well as your efforts to support your teammates throughout the day. Go Team!

Individual Results:

Abby Knapp-18-34 year old Black Belt Female—1st kata, 2nd kobudo, 2nd kumite

Andrew C. Sr.—18-34 year old Black Belt Male—1st kumite

Ian P—15 year old Advanced Male—2nd kumite, 3rd kata

Maya B—13 year old Black Belt Female—2nd kumite, 3rd kata

Tina L—Senior Intermediate Female—2nd kata

Ruby L—13 year old Intermediate Female—3rd kata, 3rd kumite

Bruce P—12 year old Intermediate Male—1st kumite

Olea J—13 year old Beginner Female—1st kata, 1st kumite

Mateo D—10 year old Novice Male—1st kumite, 1st kobudo, 2nd kata

Xavier P—10 year old Novice Male—1st kata, 1st kobudo, 3rd kumite

Zayne C—10 year old Novice Male—2nd kumite, 3rd kobudo, 3rd kata

Xenophon B—9 year old Novice Male—Excellent participation!!

Cali C—12 year old Beginner Female—1st kata, 1st kumite

Mateo D—11 year old Beginner Male—2nd kumite, 2nd kata

Lucia C—10 year old Beginner Female—2nd kumite, 2nd kata

Ella C—8 year old Beginner Female—2nd kumite

Rodrigo C—7 year old Beginner Male—2nd kata, 2nd kumite

Andrew C Jr.—6 year old Little Dragon—1st point fighting, 1st belt kumite, 3rd kata

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