Keeping USA Karate Academy Safe & Clean

In the midst of this pandemic we are overjoyed that we can announce the reopening of our dojo! The question of the hour then is what are we doing to keep our space safe for everyone, while still getting the best practice we can?

To get the space ready we make sure every high touch surface (such as door knobs, training equipment, and even the mats we train on) are disinfected at the beginning and end of each class every day.

For our students to do their part and reduce the spread of disease we require that members training in person adhere to our policies:

  • Wear face masks properly (Virtual classes are available for students unable to wear PPE or attend in person classes consistently)

  • Bring personal water bottles

  • Attend classes in the appropriate uniform (Changing rooms are closed)

  • Upon entering the space, sanitize hands with either soap and water or liquid hand sanitizer available at the door

  • Socially distance by keeping all students 6+ feet away from one another throughout class

Thanks to everyone who has participated in getting back to the dojo so far!

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