Schedule Changes and Make ups

Hello USA Karate Family,

Schedule Changes

As the climate around the dojo changes, we are making some small tweaks to the schedule to stay current and provide the best experience for our students that we can. For students who only come twice a week to their core classes, this doesn't really affect you, however you are getting an extra practice opportunity.

Our website has been updated to reflect the new schedule if this

post is live, however it will not officially change until this Friday, 1/24.

Change 1: Revamping the Friday Schedule

Friday has been a great add-on day for our Black Belt Club members, whether that is in our Weapons or Tournament classes. However some students have trouble making it to the early weapons class, or can't justify coming to the early weapons class and waiting an hour for the tournament class. With this in mind we have combined our current weapons classes, with the sole weapons starting at 5:30 pm and running through 6:30 pm, and the Tournament class being bumped 15 minutes earlier, now going from 6:45-8:00 pm.

Change 2: Opening up free practice time

A couple years back we had Open Gym on Thursdays, which was a great time for people to get in extra practice and some one on one time without the structure of a full class. This was taken away to make room for more core classes and offer a more tailored experience for every student. We will be combining the Monday and Wednesday Kumite classes, which were previously for Juniors and Adults, respectively, to now be only on Mondays, and open to everyone in the Black Belt Club. The 45 minute opening on Wednesday will be filled by an Open Gym period, open to everyone regardless of age, experience, or membership level.

For members of the BBC, this Wednesday the 22nd will still be Kumite Class, and because of our closure on Monday it will be open to all ages (much like last week's class) the schedule will make it's official switch this Friday the 24th.

Makeup Classes

With our recent closures due to snow and MLK Jr. Day, we are opening up our classes to a broader audience for next week, specifically Wednesday and Thursday, the 29th and 30th. 

Little Dragons Level 1 students can reserve a spot on the 29th from 4:45-5:30 pm to make up for our snow closure on the 13th.

Little Dragons Level 2 students can reserve a spot on the 30th from 5-6 pm to the Tough Tigers Class.

Beginner Teens/Adults students can reserve a spot on the 30th from 7:05-8:05 pm to the Advanced Class.

If you are in one of the bolded classes and interested, please reach out to us so we can confirm your spot in the makeup class.

Let us know if have any questions about make ups, and if your class was not listed, check in with us because we may still have a class for you! 206-440-5533

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