Temporary End of In-Person Classes, New Washington Regulations

Hello USA Karate Academy Family,

By now you may have seen Governor Inslee's update putting harsher restrictions on all public gatherings, events, businesses, etc. If you have not, check it out here. This includes a pointed restriction on fitness facilities such as our dojo. This means that Zoom training will be our only option for the duration of these restrictions, which are set to expire December 14th but could easily be extended.

We understand how valuable our in-person classes are, and hope that you are able to bear with us for what is hopefully a short period of Zoom-only training. If you feel that this method of practice does not work for you in any way, we will do our best to be accommodating; however if I can be frank, the dojo is in a very difficult place and a couple of students pausing their tuition until they feel like returning may result in no where for them to return to.

Please reach out if you have questions or concerns, we look forward to seeing you online!

Wishing you all the best health and safety,

USA Karate Academy Staff

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