USA Karate Gasshuku 2020!

We are excited to be hosting a Gasshuku (special training event) right in our own dojo Saturday January 11th! While a Gasshuku traditionally entails a group of karate-ka travelling somewhere and training for a weekend, this event will carry the theme of extensive focused training, without the drive!

You can sign up for the event here

During this event we will be standardizing our basic forms and katas so they match up with the current standards from Itosu-Kai, as well as getting some practice on some high level legacy katas that haven't been in the dojo for a while. This event should be useful and accessible for anyone with over a years experience, however we have also opened it up to Black Belt Club Members of all levels.

The event will include a light lunch to get us through the day, and all attendees are invited to Shihan Joni's home afterward for a Gratitude Celebration Potluck!

 Note for Black Belts and BBC members: You should have an applicable discount code in your email inbox, be sure and check!

If you are a past member of USA Karate, you're invited too! This Gasshuku is designed not only to get our active members on the same page, but also give previous members that may have been alienated by stylistic changes at our school a chance to refresh themselves.

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